About Me

Harshit Jain

All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening. – Alexander Woollcott

My Career

Punchh Tech India, Jaipur

My first job as a full fledged Software Developer. Primarily working on the super awesome language, JAVASCRIPT along with react native and a super robust framework developed by my some super awesome developers. Contributed to 40+ applications varying from go-live, app-updates and re-skin projects.

Jan 2020 - Present
Software Development Engineer

Extern Labs, Jaipur

Worked here as a Software Intern along with some very innovative and awesome people. This is where I learnt almost everything college failed to teach me. Developed and Contributed to multiple projects. Worked on multiple tech stacks such as flask, Django, Django Rest Framework, GoLang and Python.

Jan 2020 - Present
Software Developer Intern

CyberVault Securities, Pune

My security Internship where I completed my C|EH certification and performed a Security Audit for MDCC Bank, Mumbai.

Nov 2018 - Feb 2019
Security Intern

CyberOps Infosec LLP, Jaipur

Attended Training for Information Security here.

Jun 2018 - Aug 2019

My Skills

My Projects

React-Native Punchh Framework Applications - Punchh Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Contributed to 30+ mobile applications including Go-lives, app updates, Bug Fixes and LAIs. Developed apps using Javascript, React-native, Punchh Framework and various other software packages and libraries.

Mattermost-Fork - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Mattermost-Fork is designed on top of Mattermost, which is an opensource alternative to Slack. My job was to write additional APIs in Golang as per a client's requirement.

ZT-Platform - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

ZTPlatform is a fin-tech application, my role being migration of the application to Django.

ZT-Chat - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Chat-Application developed using Django Notifications, RabbitMQ, Socket Programming.

Iframe Generator - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Web Application written in Flask that fetch and stored data to firebase RTDB.

MeetingsExternLabs - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Customization and deployment of jitsi-meet on Digital Ocean.

COVID-LOC - Extern Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Data Scraping latest information regarding Covid from various news websites using Scrapy and BeautifulSoup.


Online Ticket booking system developed in Django and deployed on Heroku.

A selenium based tool developed in Python to automate the task of VA with the help of Nmap and nessus.

MDCC Security Audit - CyberVault Securities

Evaluated the internal network and desktop security of MDCC Bank, Mumbai, as an intern at Cybervault Sec, Pune.