30 Sep 2020



It sure feels awesome to be a left handed person, like being out of the box, makes me unique and of course brings me a lot of problems. I’d like to put them all out.

1. Scissors

When Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors, he didn’t think much about the problems it may cause to southpaws.
But here we are. Well I do love art and craft a lot, but those standard scissors just spoil everything. It took me a long time but I got used to them eventually.

Give a left handed person a pair of standard scissors, and watch him make a fool of himself.

2. Coffee Mugs

When I was a kid, I got this cool coffee mug with a wise owl wearing a tie. I was so excited to drink my chocolate flavored milk in it only to realize that the owl’s eyebrows were covering the surface for me to drink it. Bummer.

Took me a while to realize that the quote on the coffee mug was not for other people to read.

3. The Worst Kind Of Chairs

Everybody used to hate these chairs. But I hated them a lot more. I was once supposed to give a scholarship exam on this one,it gets worse, I had to write a long essay under 60 minutes. It was HELL!

Feminists: We are oppressed.
Left Handed People: Have you ever seen those student chairs with arm on the right side?

4. Childhood traumas

Writing has never been easy for us. We suffer a silver surfer Syndrome. I have been exceptionally bad at writing, with notebook rings getting in the way, with the unintentional smearing of the word I just wrote or the pencil/pen shades on my arm or sleeves and worst of all, no one taught me how to hold a pen correctly, I still do it the wrong way.

Not to mention but I’ve been watching Fifty Shades of Grey, ever since I was a kid.

5. Dinner Table Problems

These are the worst problems that I face. Starting from the handling of cutlery to elbow fighting the adjacent person. Who the hell came with the idea of round tables anyway?

Someone: Oh! Devils eat using their left hand to eat.
Me: Ohh! Devil also meddles with other person’s business.


Not at all! I am just taking my notes with the wrong hand. IDIOTS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS!

Also, I do not care if your neighbor’s son’s wife’s father is left-handed. Just let me live my life.

And I can write like that just like you write using your right hand.

Also if I’m using my mouse with my left hand, it is my business, whatever it is!

Some fun facts about Left-Handed People

Here are some interesting facts about Left-Handed people.

  • We live less than Right-Handed People.

    Obviously! All those questions are bound to drive us crazy at one point.

  • August 13 celebrated as International Left Handed Day

    When is International Right Handed Day, by the way?

  • Sinistrophobia, the fear of left-handed people

    Sinistrophobia is defined as the fear of things at the left side or left-handed people. Sinister smirks!

  • Better at Multi-tasking

    The only good fact about left-handed people that I personally agree with. I do like to multitask.

  • More likely to be alcoholics

    Well I am still a teetotaler. I hate the smell of alcohol and the effect it has on people.

That’s all for now. I feel quite relieved letting it all out.