1 Jan 2021

A Letter to my younger self

Dear Me,

I know how you've been doing and I wish I could help you out more. I am sorry that I didn't turn out to be as you wanted me to be. Well, what can I say, life happened to me. Although I do wish that the things I want to tell you now reaches out to someone else, someone who needs it. There are things I would like to tell you about the world out there. It's mean. But not in the way you see and perceive things right now, in a much different and difficult way. There are things that I would like you to do and some, that I wish you never did. But well what's done is done right? I have to accept it. You'll have an interesting journey reaching up to me but eventually you'll make it cause you're very strong.

First of all, me from the sophomore year, stop being the class clown. You don't need to make people laugh in order to grab their attention. Trust me, you don't, so stop doing shitty things you'll only regret them in the long run.
Also, it's not love, it's not even infatuation, don't name it, just enjoy it. Stop being afraid of bullies, they wouldn't stop teasing you otherwise. Thank people more often for being there for you. And remember, you might feel confused about it at times but your parents love you. Believe in yourself.

Second, Dear me from the junior year, first of all, congratulations on choosing Science-Maths, the world here sucks but you are gonna love it. It's difficult to adapt to the changes, but hey, you'll find friends that are gonna stay through life. Stop judging them. Stop getting scared by the future so much. You'll eventually end up failing a thousand times cause of that. It's still too soon of you, to assume responsibilities that aren't yours, it won't do any good any way.
Not everyone is good with their intention so be wary of new people. Do not tolerate any injustice from anyone just cause you're sympathetic towards them. I know it is not possible now, but I do wish you'd share with people what's bothering you more often, you'll be surprised to see the solutions to your problems. Remember you are still a minor, so stop thinking ahead your age. Also, when you'll fall in love, please confess before it's too late, when you'll experience your first heartbreak, please talk about it to someone, and when you'll experience your first kiss you'll suck at it, so practice before hand. Despite everything, its still gonna be worthwhile so don't be so hard on yourselves about.
I know you're timid and weak but stand up to your bullies, this time, please. Stop allowing people stealing your self worth from you. You look just fine, and it's okay to have a weird hair cut or a weird dressing sense. Most importantly, it is okay to not be cool and popular.

Third, Dear Me from the senior year, stop comparing yourselves to other, you'll later find out that they were doing the same and chuckle. Have a little faith in yourselves when it counts but don't be too overconfident in yourselves when it doesn't. Know your limits. Your idea of friendship is absolutely different from the other person's perspective of it. Tell your friends it rather hurts when they hurt you, instead of accepting it, but don't try to change them. Change your approach instead. Also, stand up against being being called names, you are absolutely it's gonna haunt you for the rest of your life. I know you can't though, so at the least, please don't see yourselves as whatever the hell you're being called, you are not ugly, weird, alien, Zombie or a rabbit. Define your own personality, people are intimidated by how you carry yourself. Again, you look just fine and people actually love you. Let it go and start forgiving people. Also, Insomnia is not cool at all, it's gonna screw you, you'll cry about it the most. Focus a little more on what is most important to you. Stressing over your responsibilities would not make them go away.

Lastly remember that life is unfair but it is still worth everything. Focus on your goals, people are going to come and go. The real ones will stay, no matter what. Your hundred percent is never gonna be sufficient but it is always gonna be satisfactory to put your all. Don't prioritize over people, prioritize more over relationships, it's easier. Be a little less curious then you already are, cause no matter what, you cannot know and learn everything. Know that love is eventually gonna lead to heartbreaks. You'll lose people but you'll always have some besides you. Don't waste too much time on stuff like that. Start cherishing the one's around a little sooner than you actually did. Eventually, you'll learn this, that the greatest of joy would lie in the tiniest of things.
Well, you've reached up till me and I've got no regrets and no complaints from you. The journey from you to me was difficult, you've seen some tough times, lost some kind souls and even though no one ever taught you how to handle all the heartbreaks and failures, you did well. There is a time and place for each and everything and everything that is supposed to happen will happen. Thank your friends, your family and your mentors more often for sticking around you.
Thank you so much.

Yours candidly,
Your future self

Be happy and Remember -

- Gratitude is the key.
- Smile more often.
- You are not what others perceive you as, be your own definition of a person.
- Love yourselves, at least try.
- Stand up and fight but don't initiate one.
- Be generous always.
- Know when you're helping and when you're not. Help is not always appreciated.
- Don't be afraid to love. It's okay, even if it's out of your limits and bounds.
- Be kind to people. It definitely comes back in ways you can't even imagine.
- There are actually no reasons to be sad, you just enjoy being sad.
- The more complex you try to be, the more sophisticated your life is gonna get.
- These four C's define you - Chill, Cherish, Compliment and Compassion.